From Ali:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers today. I'm experiencing some pain, but no more than what is to be expected. Henry was well taken care of by Grandma Hooper while Matt and my Mom were by my side at the hospital. We have been so blessed by helpful friends and family - thank you, thank you, thank you. Please don't hesitate to call me tomorrow or anytime thereafter. Sitting around the house all day ain't my thing, so I'd love the company and conversation. I'm still slightly weak and doped up, so I imagine that a good night's rest is in order. Again, many thanks to all of you. God is good.

It's going to be an interesting couple of months

Saturday morning Ali and Jaeger went for an early jog. Eager to get back (Ali and Matt had tickets to the Buckeye game), Ali took a shortcut home across Avery Road and down a grass-covered drainage ditch. Because it was early, the grass was still wet, and on their way down the ditch, Ali slipped. Her ankle rolled, her body didn't, and down Ali went. On her way down, she heard a snap, crack and pop. Ali looked down and saw her ankle jiggle. Fortunately she was close to the road and was able to flag down passer-bys. Several people stopped (traffic backed up 20 cars deep), and someone managed to run to get Matt (Ali was only ten yards from home). Matt and a couple of other guys scooped Ali up and carried her home.
We decided to call the squad because Ali's pain was so intense, and within minutes Ali was in the ER. Several x-rays later, Ali learned that she fractured two bones (and later learned that she tore a ligament). Yesterday the orthopedic surgeon determined that Ali will need surgery - no question about it. And that brings us to today. At 10:30am, Ali will check into hospital for the addition of some serious metal to her ankle - three screws and a plate, to be exact. She will not be able to put any weight on her left foot for at least six weeks (yippee for crutches and a walker!), and there is a chance that she will need physical therapy. 
Because Ali's parents have a first-floor master, we have moved into Ali's parents house. So now Ali's parents are hosting Morgan and her dog, and us: Ali, Matt, Henry and Jaeger! Additionally, Ali is requiring help everyday, so Ali's family and Matt's family have come to the rescue. Nearly everyday someone is making a sacrifice so that Ali and Henry can be cared for. We are truly blessed.
Say a prayer for us - these next couple of months are going to be quite interesting. But what doesn't kill us can only make us stronger, and for that we are thankful.

A week of firsts

Thursday, September 25, 2008

With his first tooth and first cold, Henry had a rough week. But no surprise to us, he has remained absolutely delightful. He enjoys exercising his tooth on crackers although he tends to fuss when the food doesn't get to his mouth fast enough. And even though he is snuffly, his cold has done no more than keep him in bed a bit longer in the morning and during his naps. 
When he's not snoozing (or eating), Henry spends his days learning to sit up (he's getting close!), laughing at his puppy (the two are inseparable), and visiting the aquarium at the zoo (he could stare at the fish for hours). Henry appears to love life, and we love life with Henry!

A boy's best friends

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Although it will be a while before Henry is making requests to hang out with friends, there are four "individuals" destined to make his best friends list: Jaeger, Heidi, Hans & Jake. Okay, technically three of these "individuals" are actually four-legged friends, but ask any child growing up with a dog in the home, dogs count as friends! 
At only five months old, Henry lights up when he sees Jaeger, Heidi or Hans (Heidi belongs to Oma & Opa; Hans belongs to Aunt Mo). Henry is still getting used to their frequent kisses, but it probably won't be long before Henry returns the love. 
And as you can tell from the picture, Henry is already expressing his affinity for his best buddy Jake. With only seven weeks between them, the two boys are sure to be lifelong buds.

Fall Fun

Monday, September 15, 2008

Although the September Equinox is a week away, Central Ohio has already experienced some beautiful fall weather. We got a jump-start on a couple of our favorite fall activities - evening walks and football games. Friday night we cheered on Matt's alma mater in McConnelsville - Go Raiders! Unfortunately they are going to need a lot more than a few cheers; they are struggling this season.
And in other news, our little man is cutting teeth! His Aunt Mo found the beginnings of his first tooth popping out of his lower gum - no wonder he is constantly soaking wet from drooling all over himself. 
And finally, the little man laughs - a lot! While he is guaranteed to laugh when provoked (tickles underneath his armpits), he is beginning to laugh at just about anything - the dog, a smiling face, a goofy noise. His laughter is the best gift ever. We think you'll agree:

I've got my antler hat on, 

and I am ready to cruise!

Uncle Curt, this one's for you: Go Raiders!

I'm pooped.

Smallest Buckeye Fan and Biggest Car Seat

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday Henry cheered on the Buckeyes in the Shoe! Matt and Ali were given two tickets to the OSU v. OU game (thanks Kings), and we planned on taking Henry to his first Buckeye game. Just to be sure, we called the ticket office to ask if we could take Henry. Come to find out, EVERY person, no matter their age, MUST have a ticket in order to attend the game according to NCAA regulations. Can you believe that? As if Henry was going to use an actual seat?! Grrrr.
So we decided that Ali would stay home and Matt would take Henry to the game.
Matt's parents have adjoining tickets, and the four of them had a fantastic time rooting on the Buckeyes to a not-so-easy victory. Henry didn't seem to mind that the Bucks struggled; he was the cutest, and smallest, fan there.
Also this week, Henry moved into the next size car seat. Technically he does not have to switch seats until he is 30lbs, but instead of Ali's parents buying a car seat base for their vehicles, they took Henry's old car seat and helped to purchase his toddler car seat. Henry will stay in this car seat until he no longer needs a car seat. Right now it swallows Henry, but he will grow into it. Ali's dad is especially excited about the new seat because it is made by Recaro, the same company that makes seats for race cars. All Ali and Matt care about is that it is safe (and it is)!

What a beautiful day to be at the Shoe.

Check out Script Ohio in the background.

Grandpa teaching Henry about the game of football.

Sound asleep in Grandma's arms.


Jaeger's best week ever

He hunts and he swims! Jaeger had his best week ever last week. Labor Day was opening day of dove season, and for the first time, Matt took Jaeger hunting with him and his dad. Although they didn't see many doves, it was a great day to work with Jaeger on his retrieving. Matt reported a promising first experience with his hunting buddy, and they eagerly await upcoming duck season. 
Then on Sunday our community pool opened to dogs. Every year they open up the pool to dogs before they drain it for the winter. Jaeger was in heaven as he swam amongst what must have been fifty other dogs. Unfortunately Jaeger also likes to exert his fertility so we had to cut his swim time short. The neutering debate is a hot topic in our household, but we agree that Jaeger sealed his fate on Sunday. We are going to give him a grace period through duck season, but he will most likely go under the knife next spring. Sorry Jaeg - one day you'll understand that it's just because we love you.

In his element

A proud moment

Eager to swim

Checking out the ladies

Hooper Family Pics

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last weekend we spent Sunday and Monday in McConnelsville. As usual, Becky made a delicious five-course meal in addition to peach margaritas - yum! Kelley and Joe spent Sunday evening with us for dinner, and we all geared up in our Buckeye garb for family pictures. It's wild to think that we used the same gorgeous backdrop for our wedding day one year ago. 
Here are a few of the shots that we captured.