And then there were three...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We absolutely cannot do our family justice without introducing our first addition to our growing family - Jaeger! Jaeger is our yellow labrador retriever, and we brought him home in October, 2007. For those of you who are wondering, "Jaeger" is the german word for "hunter." And in case you are a complete stranger, you should know that Jaeger is the perfect name for our pup because Matt is an avid hunter and Ali carries much pride in her german heritage. Avid Hunter + German Pride = Jaeger, our sweet lil' pup.

The Beginning

We were engaged on March 31, 2007. Little did we know that we would be adding a puppy and a baby to the mix within one year's time.

Our Wedding Day
We wed September 2, 2007 in McConnelsville, Ohio (Matt's hometown). To view photos of this beautiful event (thanks to our amazing photographer, Natalie Simpson), please visit Natalie's blog using the link under the links bar (NHS Photography). Once at her blog, find 'Blog Archive' and click on the arrow next to '2007'. Click on the arrow next to 'September', and there will be three sets of pictures from our wedding.